Adventure and Leadership CampWe make use of various service providers in the following areas: Drakensberg, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo.

Adventure and Leadership Camps

Our programmes are customised according to your specific requirements, with all the activities on the camps being provided by trained facilitators. Edutours can, if need be, combine these tours with various educational visits.
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Adventure and Leadership Camps

South Africa has a rich and diverse countryside. This makes camps in the different provinces, each with its own flora and fauna, unique.


Only once you have abseiled from a cliff in the Drakensberg, can you comprehend, that it cannot be compared to abseiling from a man made structure. Hiking in this majestic mountain range and finding Bushman Paintings, always leaves a lasting impression. Camps in this region can be combined with a visit to the Basotho village, a power station and the world renowned Drakensberg Boys-Choir.


Wildlife is part of the environment of a camp in this Bushveld region. The hot climate in this area makes the numerous water activities not only a delight but a necessity. The introduction to a horse programme, strengthens the value and impact which horses have on children. It always leaves a lasting impression on learners that have never been so close to these gentle animals.


These camps are within two hours drive from Johannesburg and are very popular. They can easily be combined with numerous educational visits from and to these camps.


The Blyde river is the setting for these camps. The various adventurous water activities can get the adrenalin pumping. Interaction with South African wild life and learning about the bush is inevitable in this region and an added bonus.


Adventure and Leadership camps close to the South African shore hold a special charm. Activities can include zip lines, surfing and sea kayaking much to the delight of learners not fortunate enough to go on regular sea holidays.

Life Skills

With specifically designed activities, learners’ life skills are improved in a non threatening, playful environment. Life skills such as taking responsibility and being accountable are nurtured. Activities increase team work by encouraging a culture of sincerity, loyalty, and self-sufficiency. Problem solving activities, empower learners to contribute and lead. Learners are taken out of their comfort zone and this is when the magic of growth happens, under the watchful eyes of the competent and knowledgeable staff.


Living in a visually dominated world, we find that our youth increasingly have an inability to listen and communicate. During the different activities of the camp programme, learners are made aware of the importance of communication in order to win and succeed. They learn that communication can be verbal, nonverbal, interpersonal and written. Effective communication enhances team building and forms the basis for success in life, sport and education.

Our Adventure and Leadership Tour may include:

  • Obstacle course
  • Litheria course
  • Swimming and water games
  • Raft building
  • Night walk
  • Nature walk
  • Overnight in the veld
  • Archery
  • Brain teasers
  • High-and-low rope courses
  • Abseiling
  • Team building

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